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Frasher’s Foto was started by Burton Frasher, Sr. in 1907.
He created a life around all of his favorite things, family,
travel, fishing, and locations that tugged at his heartstrings.
In the early years, he divided his time between those
passions and being a box maker in the agricultural fields of
the west.

In 1912 he married Josephine. The early days would find
him riding his Indian motorcycle, its sidecar occupied by
Josephine, and the large format camera riding between
them.  His photographs of the American Southwest, natural
wonders and people going about the business of their daily
lives in the early days of the 20th century have been
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reprinted many times in the form of postcards, in magazines and in books. Unlike his contemporaries Ansel Adams and Edward
Weston who focused on landscapes, Burton Frasher’s work captured the changing scene and provides historical context for American
life from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  His work can be viewed at

Burton Frasher Jr, was brought into the family business early and traveled extensively with his parents capturing many of the landscape
and domestic scenes that the west had to offer. Before  the wide acceptance of the automobile, Burton Sr. and Jr. could be found
exploring on foot or horseback, camera at hand and perhaps carrying their portable darkroom as well. As the era of the automobile
came into its own, these images fired up the imaginations of people as it documented the variety and natural wonders that America had
to offer. Burton  Frasher Jr. was already a successful commercial photographer in his own right by that time. Burton Jr. took over the
business after Burton Sr. died in 1955.  Like his father, he brought family members into the business and continued working in
photography until his death in 1992. 

Christopher Frasher is the 3rd generation of this industrious family. He studied at Brooks institute of Photography and is the beneficiary
of hands-on training from many mentors. Christopher opened his first studio in Yucca Valley, California in 1976, where he began to take
over the family business.  During his 35+ years in the business, Christopher’s focus has been on providing quality photographs of
people, events, families, sports and celebrations of all kinds throughout Southern and Central California. He continues to create beautiful
memories for all of his clients through both the Yucca Valley and San Luis Obispo, California offices.